R&D Technolab


The R&D department is the pride of GIVI. Inside its offices a full team of technicians, designers and engineers work together to find the best solutions for motorcyclists around the world. Thanks to their research of technical materials, innovative technologies and new manufacturing processes, GIVI is able to continuously deliver high quality and innovative products to the motorcycle community. After an idea is developed, the design is often carved out of solid in the Modeling Shop before undergoing the Reverse Engineering process, during which a digital scan is created and modelling studies can be performed using the latest CAD technology. In addition to developing new products, the R&D lab is also an important testing facility, ensuring that all the GIVI products meet even the strictest quality standards. One particular facility is the helmet testing lab, where all the impact tests are carried out in the exact same way they are performed at the official homologating offices. The latest addition to the R&D department is a new facility where a dyno can closely simulate road conditions (with potholes, bumps, dips and so on) as well as some extreme conditions. This is the ultimate test for all of GIVI’s fitting and mounting kits, confirming their strength and security even under the toughest conditions. All of these R&D activities come together to allow GIVI to achieve the ultimate balance between concept and functionality, introducing products with stylish design and leading edge technology that are also fully focused on the motorcyclists’ safety.


From the very beginning, GIVI has been committed to the research of innovative solutions that better serve the needs of motorcyclists and enhance their riding experience. Over the years, this approach has led to the creation of a range of unique brand systems that have helped to make GIVI a market leader in the motorcycle accessories sector and to meet the three basic needs of all kinds of motorcyclists: comfort, security and convenience.


GIVI developed the AIRFLOW system as a solution to the problem of low visibility in rainy weather. With traditional windscreens, raindrops accumulate on the surface and impact visibility, especially when reflecting light from passing cars. The specific form of the AIRFLOW system solves this problem by taking advantage of the Venturi effect to divert the wind and rain up and over the rider’s head, creating an aerodynamic bubble of protection. In this way, the rider can lower the windscreen to below the line of sight but can receive the same protection from the wind and rain as a traditional screen that’s 5cm higher. In addition, the AIRLFOW spoiler has a full 12cm of adjustment, so each rider can position the screen according to their height in order to receive the maximum level of protection.

Head Protection System

The introduction of a helmet range was a major milestone for GIVI. Conceived in 2001, The Head Protection System (HPS) aimed to rewrite the definition of helmet safety, a concept that has always been the main focus of the GIVI mission. The first two years were spent studying the market. The brand focused on the same characteristics that initially sealed GIVI’s leadership in the side and top case market: Italian design, a high-tech approach and a deep understanding of materials. The project was not easy nor free of hurdles and the challenges pushed the company to a whole new technical and production standard, with the opening of the HPS R&D Center. The very first branded GIVI helmet came out of production in 2003, and in the following years the range was expanded to several models, aimed at urban and touring consumers. Another turning point was the introduction of the X.01 in 2007, with its groundbreaking specification in terms of ergonomics, functionality and versatility, including the interchangeable chin guard. Twenty years after the original idea, our goal has been reached and the road ahead is smooth: GIVI is now recognized worldwide as the undisputed leader in motorcycle cases and… quality helmets.


One of the earliest GIVI brand systems, the MONORACK was developed in 1985 and is still appreciated by customers today. Highly tested and compatible with the entire range of GlVl MONOKEY® and MONOLOCK® cases, this fitting system for top cases is composed of a light alloy or plastic plate mounted using exclusive adjustable joints (GlVl patented) made of a light die-cast alloy, allowing the plate to be perfectly adjusted to the motorcycle lines to ensure both a great aesthetic and functional result. In addition, the quick assembling/disassembling system ensures complete ease of use and the availability of specific fittings maximizes even further its compatibility with all kinds of motorcycles.


In the quest for transforming the way we travel on two wheels, GIVI has been awarded an array of patents for its technical innovations over the last 40+ years. In the beginning the focus was mainly on hard cases, with the invention of the single key / MONOKEY® system, the distinctive feature of all the GIVI cases to date. The system has been refined and diversified along the years, generating even more specific patents, such as MONOKEY® SIDE and MONOKEY® CAM-SIDE. Further patents have been awarded for the soft luggage fitting systems such as TANKLOCK and EASYLOCK, and in the windshield range, with the introduction of the AIRFLOW concept. Following the huge success ignited by their approach, GIVI turned their attention to the helmet business, where they also managed to bring innovative solutions, specifically aimed toward a better consumer experience. To date, GIVI holds a portfolio of more than 25 valid invention patents and has patents pending for many more.


MONOKEY®, patented by GIVI, is the most widespread fitting system for hard cases and side cases. Simple to use, it allows operation with only one key, for both the opening of the case and the detachment of the case from the fitting plate. Each of the MONOKEY® products combines the best characteristics of mechanical resistance with rigidity of the fitting, using features such as compact and light components. The even distribution of the load on the plate surface is guaranteed by the three fitting points. The dampening of oscillating and vibration and the contact between the bottom shell and the plate are assured by four spacers made of elastic material, which is particularly resistant to extreme weather and temperature variation. Thanks to these solutions a high level of reliability of the fitting is guaranteed.


In order to offer a wider range of applications and uses, GIVI went on to develop the MONOLOCK® range. Following the same philosophy that defines the MONOKEY® fitting system, this second solution is made for lighter vehicles, such as scooters and maxi-scooters. Although the maximum load is lighter, this fitting system performs comparably to the MONOKEY® system but with lighter components boasting far smaller dimensional restrictions. Because of its compatibility with different kinds of motorcycles, it is appreciated by many major motorcycle brands, who have adopted it as their original accessories. The same as with MONOKEY®, the opening of the case and the detachment of the case from the plate are operated with a single key.


MONOKEY® SIDE is a further innovation of the MONOKEY® system, which allows riders to take full advantage of the space beneath the tail of the motorcycle. This system uses the same fixing strategy as the original MONOKEY® system but on a curved frame that follows the line of the bike. The MONOKEY® SIDE cases are made with the same shape as the frame, providing riders with increased storage space but in a form that fits close to the motorcycle and doesn’t appear bulky or interfere with the riding experience. In addition, the anchor points in the bottom of the case include “slides” that receive the disengagement signal from the release button on the side cases and provide a significant increase in general stability. In this way, the cases that use the MONOKEY® SIDE fitting system are held more firmly to the side of the motorcycle, for a notable improvement in general aerodynamics.


The EASYLOCK® system is a quick fastening system based on GIVI’s long history and experience developing fitting systems for hard cases but adapted to the specific needs and usage patterns of soft bags. This new method offers the motorcyclist a simple, safe method of fastening that is easy to use and lightweight, making it ideal for use with small and medium bags that can support heavy weights. In addition, the EASYLOCK® system was designed for use with a minimal frame, so as to have the least possible impact on the motorcycle aesthetics and aerodynamics. It’s a great solution for riders of sport motorcycles who have the need of additional storage space. The ST609 side bags that are mounted with the EASYLOCK® system provide a full 50 liters of additional storage space in a streamlined and lightweight form that’s both sturdy and stylish.


The TANKLOCK® system is a product designed with two fundamental key points in mind: speed and convenience. Unlike traditional tank bags which are attached to the motorcycle using either straps or magnets, the TANKLOCK® system bags are “hooked” onto the fuel tank cap using a dedicated flange, which enables the bag to be attached and removed rapidly. These flanges are specifically designed for individual motorcycle models, in order to ensure the best possible fit and to guarantee not to obstruct access to the fuel tank. GIVI has an extensive range of tank bag products that are compatible with the TANKLOCK® system, from small 3L-liter “mini” tanks bags to expandable bags of up to 40L capacity. In a further innovation, GIVI developed the patented TANKLOCKED system, which is based on the same attachment strategy but allows the tank bag to be locked securely to the flange with a key in the case that the bike is left unattended, providing even greater security.